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How Latin American Fashion Designers Are Changing the World

For many decades, European designers have chosen the fate of fashion trends all around the world. Being chic was determined by Milan, Paris, London, and even New York. But now the panorama is experiencing a shift in many aspects.

Latin American fashion designers are taking the lead in this highly competitive and exclusive world, influencing international markets with their creative, stylish, and colorful creations. How did this happen? How are they changing the world? Answers may be abundant.

A Cluster of Rich Cultures

Latin America comprises dozens of different cultures, all of them with their own beautiful identity. No people are equal in Latin America, something that was probably ignored overseas before. For Europeans and even North Americans, everyone who lived in this region shared a single cultural identity with minor differences.

This huge mistake is now getting clearer as Latin American fashion designers are gaining an international following and with it, the chance of demonstrating the cultural diversity in the region. The wealth in cultural terms is now more noticeable.

Colors and Patterns from Other Eras

When it comes to colors and design patterns, Latin American has a rich, enviable inventory. This same cultural diversity we mentioned before comes with a long, passionate history that is a few thousand years old.

Pre-Columbian archeological sites, for example, can show the best from other eras. These places are magical and have been powerful enough to persuade and enchant audiences abroad. There is now a collective interest in these cultures’ history and everything in between for international audiences, empowering designers and filling them with inspiration.

A Land of Diverse Materials

It’s not unfair or wrong to say that Latin America needs no one in terms of materials used in fashion. In the region, there is everything Latin American fashion designers could possibly need or want for their extraordinary, jaw-dropping creations.

At the same time, creations inspired in the region’s cultural roots can give great use to materials that aren’t even considered in other regions in the world. Tropical, lighter materials and bright tones are often overlooked in different, more conservative markets. But here, designers can be provocative with local materials and become truly ground-breaking.

Proud Roots

One important way in which Latin American fashion designers are changing the world is that they are creating deep awareness of local cultural roots. Going back to pre-Columbian societies to modern-day Latin American countries, people are now feeling prouder about their own roots and identities as unique societies, about where they come from, and the fashion trends born there.

In fact, Latin American fashion designers do not only create such awareness and sense of healthy pride but also, they are leveraging the feeling and inspiring through it.

This is especially true for younger generations abroad. Either if they have Latin American roots or not, the region is gaining big interest worldwide. From Mexico and Brazil to Venezuela and Argentina, the cultural diversity is creating an undisputed sensation of sensuality and attractive mystery that is being heavily invested in fashion.