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Candongas Piña Colada (Earrings)

Mercedes Salazar

Mercedes Salazar designs and produces all of her collections in La Casa de Mercedes, a magical four-story building in the heart of Bogotá, alongside a team of talented local artisans. Mercedes also sources talent from other cities in Colombia that are known for their master craftsmanship of specific materials. Several hands create each piece and the process to complete just one can take up to a week.

These Piña Colada Earrings (Candongas) are inspired by the exuberance of the Paloquemao Market of Bogotá, Colombia.

Materials | Handmade raffia fruit + 14k gold plated bronze hoops

Dimensions | 4" long + 2.5" wide

Weight | 0.5 oz

Care | Always store flat or hanging and do not bend. Avoid perfume or lotion in the area of use.

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