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Macy Necklace

Sunfern Studio

Mafe Soltero, Puerto Rican, designs and produces all of Sunfern Studio's collections in Austin, Texas. Mafe's work is a labor of love and passion: she hand-wraps fabric threads to create wearable sculptures. Her cultural roots are vividly reflected in the bright color combinations she uses for her designs. Mafe is a true artist and her pieces are small works of art.

Every Sunfern Studio piece is one-of-a-kind. Styles are replicable, but will never be an exact copy.

Materials | 100% cotton fibers

Dimensions | Approximately 18" long

Care | Always store flat or hanging and do not bend. Avoid perfume or lotion in the area of use. To clean dab a damp cloth with mild soap on spot.

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